By: Blake Perkins

A Little about Burundi

Burundi is a very beautiful country. The men here wear western like clothes and the girls wear long wrap around skirts that go a little below the knees. We wear this because it can get very hot in Burundi. Although the weather is hot here it can sometimes get cold with some rainfall.


Food is a very important meal, as we all know. We have many different types of food. Here in Burundi we eat, beans, sweet potatoes, and cabbage. We mostly boil our food, put some bananas in some water and we drink it we call it banana beer. Also most families skip breakfast because we most of us rise early so we don't need breakfast. We usually return home and eat a big family meal at noon.


Burundians have two official languages. Kirundi and French. We speak french only for business terms. Otherwise it's Kirundi we use Kirundi for talking in an everyday way. Sometimes when you live on the western shore of lake Tanganyika you speak Swahili. That's only if you live on the west.

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