Special Education Course Reflection
Nicola Dickinson

This course definitely met my expectations and I think that I learned so much valuable information as well as learning about myself as a person and a future teacher. At the beginning of the semester I promised to work ahead on assignments because in the past I have been a procrastinator, and I feel that I succeeded in doing this. I found I could take my time on assignments when I worked ahead and could actually enjoy the work I was doing, so I think I met my own expectations of myself. The only thing I would have changed was my groups lesson facilitation experience. I was extremely stressed out about that assignment and feel that out of all the groups mine was the least prepared and I feel it showed on the day. I think in the future if I am ever in that situation again it would be important to communicate my problems with the teacher earlier instead of leaving it till the last minute so that I could get guidance ahead of time.
I feel I grew because I am a very shy and private person most of the time, but I let myself open up this semester and because of this I got to enjoy the time with my classmates and I feel we became a little family over the course of the semester. I learned many valuable things from my classmates and through the discussions we had as a class I received advice and different views.
I learned not only about the different disorders I might encounter as a future teacher, but I also learned excellent teaching strategies through all the lesson facilitations. I loved the special education interview assignment because the teacher I interviewed gave me so much positive information and advice that I feel I can use in the future when I am a teacher.
I think that this is an excellent course and I feel that any student going into the education field will learn so much. I also think that these education classes are the deciding factor for many students as to whether they are in the right field. The projects are fun but they require time, thought, creativity and effort and because of this I think some students who do not put those elements into the projects will not only fail the course but probably wouldn't succeed as a teacher.
I loved the assignments and my favorite was the ILP project because we were able to be as creative as we wanted to be and I am very proud of the ILP I created. I also loved the special education interview assignment and as mentioned earlier gained some valuable information I will remember for life.
Overall I loved this class and am actually quite sad that it is coming to an end. I wouldn't change anything about this course nor would I change anything about the other education classes. They are all excellent classes and I am very happy I took them.