By: Regan McKay

Capital: Guatemala City

Population: 14 million

Languages: Garifuna, Xinca, k'iche', Kaqchiquel, mam.

Currency: Quetzal

Neighboring Countries: Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize.

Famous Places

Antigua Guatemala: A famous city in Guatemala known for it's well preserved Spanish-Renaissance architecture. It used to be Guatemala City before it was almost completely destroyed by a horrible earthquake.

Quetzaltenango: A Guatemalan city that attracts many foreigners who are serious about learning the Spanish language and traditions. It is also famous for it's extraordinary hikes through beautiful countrysides.

Panajachel:  A Guatemalan lakeside settlement known for it's beautiful view of the city. The city is the busiest lakeside settlement in the world containing many different nationalities and cultures.

Local Expressions

Bagre: Uncool

¡qué chulo!: How Pretty!

Quiubo: "What's up?"

Tengo un clavo: He/she has a problem.


In Guatemala they maintain traditional Spanish food such as enchiladas, guacamole, and tortillas, but they also have many new, interesting dishes.

Arroz Guatemalteco: A famous Guatemalan-style rice made with chicken and vegetables.

Revolcado: A Guatemalan dish containing just about every part of the pig, including the heart, liver, and ears, chopped upped and put in a special Guatemalan sauce.

Geography and Climate

Guatemala is mostly mountains with an exception of the southern coastlines, and a little bit of the northern area. The country is divided into three different parts, with the mountains being middle, the coasts being the southern part, and the Petén Region being the north. The climate varies upon where you are in the country. In the lowlands it is very hot and humid, but in the highlands it is cooler.

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