Welcome Back!

Mrs. Larson

Let's get to know each other and establish this year's classroom rules and procedures.

Who is Mrs. Larson?

This is my 14th year teaching

I've been at LD Bell for 7 years & teaching IB for 4 years

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & a Master's degree in Computer Information and Cognitive Systems

I'm married with three kids and two dogs


IB Computer Science II

IB Information Technology in a Global Society

Course Policies

I will work hard to give you my best and I expect your best in return.

Come to class on time and prepared each day

Expect to work hard and learn a lot

Be respectful of each other and your teacher

Participate. Don't be afraid to give an incorrect answer, none of us is perfect. That's how you grow.....I won't always have all of the answers myself.

Work is expected on the due date and at the beginning of class or it's late

Late work is -30 points and will not be accepted 5 days after the original due date

Classroom Procedures

Bathroom: If the pass is there, I'm not lecturing or no one is presenting, you may excuse yourself without asking.

Food & Drink: Bottled water is allowed as long as it has a sealed lid. Please do not bring other containers or drinks to class. We have to protect the equipment in the lab and cannot risk sticky spills. Food is not permitted in the lab except for special occasions. Food wrappers and food particles invite rodents. Rodents love computer wires. Please be respectful of these rules.

Printing: Printers are at the back of the room. Be respectful with what you print. Paper and toner for these machines comes out of my very limited budget. DO NOT print while I'm lecturing or someone is presenting. It's just rude.

Personal Electronic Devices: Technology is embraced in this room. Part of our learning will include your devices and others from time to time. However, there is an appropriate time and place for these things. Improper use or sneaking will not be tolerated.

Computers/Internet/Storage Space: These are not your personal computers! Do not install, bring from home or download anything that is not approved by the district or Mrs. Larson. Do not share your work or password with others. Avoid websites that are prohibited by school policy.

Questions: Use your resources. When you are stumped, use your textbook, notes and the Internet to try and find the answers. If you need help and I'm working around the room to answer questions use your popsicle sticks to signal for help.