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Weekly Update:

From the data received from the Survey you all completed: Here is the results:

  • All of you are still excited about becoming a Google Certified Educator!
  • The best day(s) of the week to meet is Thursdays (4 out of 5 people), the next days are Monday & Tuesday (3 out of 5)
  • The best time to meet is after 5 but before 7p.m. (One person prefers during the school day)
  • Most of you (4 out of 5) are o.k. with all of the options (for me: Virtually would be best)
  • And your current comfort level with GAFE varies from 2-4 on a scale of 1-5...So we will work together to help each other out!

Homework this week!

  • Try your hand out on a Basics Exam. It is truly the Basics but you will get a feel for the Exams. (kinda sorta, lol)
  • If you can, let’s meet for a Google Hangout, this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. I will set it up and call you all. No pressure. It would just be great to talk with you all!
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  • Look over these study guides! Look at which areas you would like to take the test in first!
  • You are required to take the following tests:

You will also be required to pick one elective Exam....which one will you chose?

All of our resources will be posted in Schoology! Join our Group Below! Our Group Access Code is available via Email!

the Code is...SFM79-JHCMT