Edger Allen Poe's Importance Today

By: Samantha Browning

After Edger Allen Poe's life ended his rival wrote a obituary stating that he was "a drunken, womanizing madman with no morals and no friends." In attempt to put off his work and to demolish reputation. This had an unintended demand for Poe's work. Thus starting Poe's influence on the future.

Poe is often used in day to day life. His poems are considered a reading level for people years 13 and up. Teachers believe that Poe is a great writer and because of the level of reading it makes a good topic for reports.

Poe wrote the first detective fiction ever. This started many more writers to pick up the genre.  With out Poe our selection on books limited.

"If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered." Poe, Edgar Allan. Marginalia. 1844.

This is a relatable quote that has been remembered for 170 years.

Edgar Allen Poe will all way be remembered as he influences us through his writing.

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