UTA Reflection

Haneen Elsaad

     My first thoughts when I arrived this morning I was exited. It is my first field trip of the year! The part of the day I enjoyed the most was the science "magic show". I liked it because they made elephant toothpaste and a man was holding fire etc. ! The part of the day I enjoyed the least was sitting on the floor the whole time. At the beginning it was OK, but then my legs started to hurt really bad. A suggestion for next years tour is actually getting a tour. I know that the whether was bad but hopefully it wont be next year. I would consider applying to UTA in the future. UTA seems like an amazing collage that will help me learn more about the career I want to have (fashion designer). UTA is also close to my house and I would hate to be away from my family and friends. Another reason I would consider going to UTA is because all of my uncles and older cousins have graduated from UTA. I personally loved the field trip to UTA. I learned so much about it and all the people there.  Thank you all A

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