Learn The Weather!

What is wind?

Wind is air that is in motion, it is made by
uneven heating hit on the earths surface
and it's cause by the sun.

This is wind.

What is Sea Breeze?

When air above the land surface is heated by the radiation from the Sun, it begins to expands and starts to rise, and it becomes lighter than the air around it. To replace the
rising air the cooler air from the ocean surface is drawn.

These are the steps to Sea Breeze.

What is Land Breeze?

Land Breezes form at night, when the land get cold faster that the sea does. It's air above the warmer surface of water that is heated by the sun then pulling in air from the colder land surface.

These are the steps for the Land Breeze.

What is the Jet Stream?

The Jet Stream is a river of air in the atmosphere that flows around 12km that is just under the tropopause and above the surface of the earth.

This is were the Jets Stream goes.

What are Global wind Patterns?

When the equator receives the Sun's direct rays, air is heated and rises, and leaves low pressure areas behind, then it's moving to about thirty degrees north and south of the equator, the warm air from the equator begins to get cold and sinks.

This is a Global wind Pattern.

What are Prevailing Westerlies?

Prevailing Westerlies are the winds that move toward the poles and appear to curve to the east, this is because winds are named from the direction in which they originate, these kinds of winds are called prevailing westerlies.

These are the prevailing westerlies.

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