Baseball Player #42

By Joseph

Jackie Robinson swings his bat, the first black man on an all white league

On January 31, 1919 a boy named Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born.

He did not know that he would be a great baseball player and the first white man on an all white league.


He and his family lived in a farmhouse in Cairo, Georgia. His dad, Jerry Robinson worked for Jim Sasser's plantation and his mom, Mallie Robinson did not work at all. Jerry was payed very low wages so he complained to Sasser (the owner) and was no longer paid wages, that is harsh. After that he became a sharecropper, He kept a bit what he grew and had to give the rest to Sasser. In July he went to Florida to find better work, but never came back. Sasser told Mallie and her kids to leave too. Mallie's brother, Burton heard the news and wanted her to come to Pasadena, California where he lived "Get a little closer to heaven." He said. But if your an African-American family in 1920, Pasadena was not heaven at all! The pool was only open for one day to blacks, in the movies blacks had to sit in the balcony. Everyone tried to get them out! They threw rocks at them, they tried to sell them out, they even tried to scare them out! But Mallie wouldn't budge an inch.


After all that in 1939, Jackie went to the John Muir Technical High School and the Pasadena Junior Collage and starred in four sports: football, baseball, track and field, and basketball. Then he went to The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and was the first student to ace in four sports. In 1940, he met a nice girl named Rachel Isum.

She didn't like Jackie, but when they started talking she realized he was very a nice man.

In spring 1941 Jackie left UCLA to make money for her mom.


  • He played for two teams: The Kansas city Monarchs and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • Joined the army in WWII.
  • In 1947 he was named National Rookie of the Year award. Hurray!
  • In 1946 he played for the Montreal Royals football team.
  • In 1949 he was named National League Most Valuable Player.
  • In 1956 he was given the Spingarn Award.
  • Elected to the baseball Hall of Fame, Also the first black man to be in it!
  • Married Rachel on February 10, 1946. :)

Why He is Famous

He is famous because he was the first black man on an all white league.

The End

Alas Jackie's adventure had to end, he was struck with diabetes and heart disease and died October 24, 1972


A picture book of Jackie Robinson by David A. Adler


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