The Glass Castle

A tear jerkier, but true story



In the story " The Glass Castle", forgiveness is used to oversee the wrong doings that another person has done. In the book, Jeannette forgives her father many many times like: He father didn't follow through with his birthday present to Jeanette of being sober. She also, forgave him when he smashed the piggy bank with the money the kids have saved to go to New York.  Jeannette once again forgave her father when he kept asking for money to gamble with, this happened with the 2 months when her mother was out of state.


In the book, the Walls children have fearlessness because they are not scared of anything. They have this attitude of no matter how bad something is they will destroy it. A few examples are when Billy raped Jeannette she was scared, but she found the will to fight back. Another example about the Walls kids being fearless is they were always on the run and they never gave up on trying new ideas or places out, such as new homes, schools, meeting new people, etc.



In the beginning of the story we hear all about how Jeannette is going to a party. She is riding in a taxi when she sees her mother digging through a trash can. Jeannette then quickly asks the taxi driver " to take her home to Park Ave." The narrator, Jeannette, was worries her mother would see her and call out her name.

Rising Actions:  

One rising action is when the family up and moved after Jeanette burned her self when she was 3. Every time the family moved was another part of the rising actions. When Billy raped Jeannette when they lived by the train tracks. Right after that, he came in with a BB gun and scared the kids half to death, but they went up and got Mr Walls real gun and scared Billy off.


The Climax of the story was when 3 of the kids decided to move to New York City.  They chose to make a life for themselves and move away from the crazy parents they had.

Falling Actions:

All 3 kids that wanted to go to New York went, they started a life of their own. They had jobs, went to school, meet a partner and just lived life like you should. The parents end up moving to New York to be a family again. At first the parents were dependable on the kids, but then they got kicked out of everyone's house and they became homeless.


The parents liked being homeless and they stopped depending on the kids and were able to start working on a new relationship with the family, but still having all their own lives.



Jeannette is the main character in this book. Everything is told from her point of view. She is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Walls. She is motivated by school and her father. Jeannette loves her father and just thinks he is the world. Jeannette comes with some baggage, just as every one does. Her baggage is her family. This means that her family holds her back, just like every time the family packed up and moved she lost education and friends from the previous places. Jeannette is an important character because we get her side and how she feels about the life she lives. We also see everything she goes through to help the family.

Jeannette Walls.


The dad is another main character. We learn a lot about him throughout the story, like his personality, what his expectations in life are and more. He is a drunk who I think cares about his family, more about himself. For example: when mom was out of town and Jeannette was in charge he was willing to starve the kids to have money for beer. Several times throughout the story he is taking money from the family for his alcohol problem. His baggage is is drinking problem. We learned in the beginning that he can be abusive and nasty when he is under the influence. This character is important because he is the father, but also because he is loved and supported by his daughter , Jeannette.

Rex Walls- Father


This is another main character in book is the mom. We learn in the book that mom has no backbone. She won't tell dad no, and she is just as bad because she doesn't drink the way he does, but she supplies him the money until he starts to gamble. She doesn't want to help the family out either through. She gets a job, but never wants to work and keep one. Her husband is what holds her back, if she would leave him she would be better off both emotionally and financially. She is important because shows us not what to do for our family. Always on the move, homeless and jobless is not want you want in life.

Rose Mary and Jeannette Walls


In Battle Mountain, the family lived near the train tracks. Jeannette met a boy named Billy. Billy often told others " him and Jeannette were dating" . One day Billy gave Jeannette a then he raped her in a shed. She didn't tell anyone, that Billy raped her. The kids saw Billy one day and he had a BB gun and was shooting the kids. So the kids got Rex's REAL gun and started shooting it.

In Las Vegas the parents were gambling and winning tons of money because they were cheating. Once the " House" found out the family had to leave in a hurry. While the parents are gambling, the kids were running around wild through out the place.

Grandma Smith lived in Phoenix, this is where the family would go if they were in desprate need of help. Grandma was rich and had enough money and room to help the family when they needed it. It was also the first place Jeannette called "Home"

The next place that something big happened was Welch, WV. This is were the father's parents live. The family moves into their house after they pack up and moved from Phoenix. This is were the family lives for the rest of the book. The kids go to school there, yet it's still not "home" to Jeannette.

The last place I will talk about is New York City. Three of the kids choose to go to New York to have a better life for themselves. They go to school, get a job and even start their own life. They start a family, and just a new life. Eventually, the parents come too. After so many months they leave and become homeless and leave the kids alone. New York is also where father dies.


"If you don't want to sink, you better figure out how to swim" - Page 66

- This is said by Rex Walls, the father. He is saying that if you don not want to fail in life then you have to find a way the get through it and make it the best. It is tell Jeannette that if she does not learn to fend for herself she will never make it.

"Things usually work out in the end." -Page 259

- This is said by Jeannette's mother, it is one of her mini life lessons. This simply means that no matter what the situation is, it will be okay at the end. It maybe hard, but by the end it will all be okay.

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