Michael's lifes


There was a boy who dreamed of moving to the biggest state in the USA, Alaska. He got his dream when he was watching tv at his house. When he had the remote he was looking for a good show to watch then he found it and did not change it because their was no good shows a tv. After a little bit he began to like the show. The show was called Alaska the last frontier, ice lake rebels, and Alaska ultimate survivor. He liked the shows so much he wanted to move their when he grows up and moves of his moms house.

He wants to move out and drive a semi to Alaska with a boat house on the trailer of the semi. When he goes to Canada on the way he will take a long detour to the one and only niagara falls national park. An for a suviner I will get some canidan money from Canada to take to Alaska. His family do not support him in eney way posable which makes him what to do it more to be able to say I told you so to them.

He want's to be the smartest scientist to go to havard In the world. He goal is to make a new metal substance that is stronger than a 1x1 foot pure diamond block. And he wants to be they first person too make a shot to stop venom from cause it from having people from losing there life from snakes and more venoms animals. Some time he thanks that if he can get to Harvard every thing will inedup different than he thinks. He thanks his life is one of the wost life in the history of life's.

He is working hard to program a robot for gifted. Then he is going to fort hase state to go into compation with other people. They are going through the maze at fastest time though it and who ever does wins it and a line race which he do not know much about it at all right now and he is working hard at finishing it and he thinks that he can finish it soon next time in a few minuets of programming and tuning.

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