Christina's Much Ado Retelling

Don Pedro

A crown to show Don Pedro royalty.

I'm Prince of Aragon arrived to Messina with my men. I helped Claudio get Hero hand in marriage. I told about a plan to get Benedick and Beatrice to fall in love with each other, to Claudio, Leonato, Hero, Ursula, and Margaret. Claudio, my brother Don John, and me saw Margaret who was in Hero's clothes with another man in Hero's bedroom window. At the wedding Claudio and I stood on the left side of the Friar Francis waiting for Hero to arrive at the ceremony. When she had arrived, the ceremony started. When Friar Francis ask Hero "If she would take Claudio to be her husband?", she said, "yes." When Friar Francis ask Claudio "If he would take Hero to be his wife?", he said, "no." Claudio and I said, "Hero was a common stale>"

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