News from Komos' Kids in Room 423

                                   What were we all about this week?

              This was created by Miss Komos, with the help of her fourth graders.

Literacy/Daily Five

We have all three components of the Daily Five up and running in our classroom! We each choose the order in which we do the Dailies - Read to Self, Work on Writing, or Word Work. We do these each day to build our stamina and practice skills that have to do with literacy in a relaxing, fun way! We read a story from Because of Winn-Dixie this week and took our first reading & spelling tests. We learned about interrogative and declarative sentences, sequencing events, and past tense verbs.


We finished unit 1 and had our first math test of the year. We've been focusing on geometry in this chapter. We have also spent time every day practicing our math facts through XtraMath. It will be really important for us to continue to practice these basic facts to help us when we get to trickier math concepts in the future.


This week, we finished our cursive handwriting packet. We've reviewed and practiced each letter of the alphabet! We now have our cursive licenses and will continue to practice throughout the year.

Social Studies

We learned about rights and responsibilities of citizens. We started learning about how the government helps with this. Next up, we'll be diving in to learning about the branches of government.

Thick and Thin Questions

We've spent a lot of time learning about thick and thin questions in the past couple of weeks. We know how important it is to our learning to be able to ask lots of questions. We practiced by asking questions as we listened to the story Because of Winn-Dixie. After we wrote our questions, we categorized them as thick or thin. This will be a skill we continue to use all year!