Final Project

Movie Poster Evaluation.

I think this poster attracts people's attention well. It shows all the heroes of the movie and that there will be a lot of action in the movie. The characters stand out because a lot of them are a large image of them.The background of the whole picture captures people's attention as well, because it is quite shocking with the plane going down, the rubble, and the explosions. The title of the movie is in large bold text that will attract attention and the colors are bold and contrasting as well. It also shows some idea of what it's about very clearly. The picture of all the original heroes also helps give a good idea of what it's about and part of a scene. With all that's going on in this interesting scene, I think it will make people want to see it. It shows a scene of what is happening that makes people want to see what will happen. With all that's going on in it, I think it will make people want to go see it in this part of the movie in the poster.

Movie Trailer Evaluation.

I think it showed a lot of clips from the beginning 1/3 of the movie. It also shows clips that appeal to the main target audience mixed into it all. This movie trailer would make most people want to see the movie after watching the trailer. It also appeals to the target audience, which is generally people that like action movies. The trailer definitely teased the plot line and would make people want to see more after watching the whole trailer. It also showed a little part of the climax to make people want to see it now. It showed clips of the general feel of the movie which looks like there is action and funny parts. It showed many fighting scenes and scenes with explosions, which is action packed. It also showed a few scenes that were of funny clips.

New Movie

It's basically about a naval battle. It is the sequel of 300. The war is between Greece and Persia and it is in a strait south of Athens. The Persian king is also shown and the back-story of how he became the "God King". They should show the movie previews on TV about six months before it's in the theaters. They should also start talking about it through social media at least right after being almost completely done making it. On billboards, they should put those up about two months before the theater. Their movie website should be made probably once they start making the movie and just keep adding and updating things along the way.

Own TV Show

If i could make my own TV show, I would make it a game show. I would name it Survive to Win. The winner would win $50,000 in the end of it. There would be one host explaining what is going on and does everything a regular host would do from other game shows. The show would start with ten girl and boy contestants that want to win the money and they would have to "survive" different contests, and the last one standing would win. One of the contests could be to stand outside in place when it's very cold out and the last one out there would win that round and maybe the first two to give up would be eliminated. Another contest could be the opposite of that in a very hot and humid environment. When there is four left standing, it could be the final round for the win, but have some twist to the finale.

I would promote the show by making a Facebook page and post images of the show and have a twitter account for it. On the channel it would be on, there would be commercials about it saying it's new and an amazing show. I would also make a website for it to also post images and update what is happening or what will happen next. Maybe put up billboards and have people talk about it on the radio.

Without a Label

I think some important things to remember while going without a label at all is that the band has all the control over every detail of how they will make money. Another important thing for a band to remember is that they won't get a lot of exposure, except their area. When they have control, they don't have to worry about the major labels not giving them money. The band decides every little detail of how they spend money and how they will make money. The major labels also won't give you a lot of the profit and screw you over by making you pay them and so the band ends up in debt. Since they don't have a major label, they can't promote themselves because it costs too much and other reasons. Even if they went with a major label, the label could possibly not promote the band that much and the band would still have to stay there, because they're under contract. An independent label don't have the resources, money, and connections to get the band recognized. So if a band goes by itself they need to remember that they would get control of the money, but they won't get as much exposure beyond their area without a label.

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