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an Australian interpretation of
Super Size Me

From an Australian point of view most of the American society is either obese or over weight. But this varies from who the person is. Most people that come to mind that are overweight Americans are the middle class people who have office jobs and cannot go out and do things. By watching the documentary and seeing how bad ‘Maccas’ is, and how it can make your body react badly and how quickly problems came around. Generally in Australian society it is only once in a blue moon you would have fast food but some people in America they have it several times in one week. Everyone knows that MacDonald’s isn’t very good for you but people still eat it and that is what gets people baffled about. The only reason why people buy fast food is because they either are really hungry or need so food quickly or they can’t make something for themselves. The sizes of the meals that are shown in Super Size Me where really big. The smallest size at MacDonald’s for a burger is the largest size that you can get in Australia. It is pretty interesting how the same company has different sizes for the same meal. Even then only some people order the large meal because they are hungry. When the film was released, MacDonald’s terminated there super size meals and made a healthy option all around the world. In Australia they tend to use more vegetables that are grown in Australia which I don’t think is the case in America. But the Australian society still likes to have a good burger at the end of the day and not worry about the health risks. Australian see the documentary has been and eye opener to how the health and wellbeing of other people eating the same food and making that person feel sick and gain weight isn’t that good.

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