Best Thing That Happened to me in 2013 : Learning an Instrument!

Learning the Trumpet.

Last year I joined my school's band program and began playing the trumpet. Learning to play this instrument definitely has to be one of the things that rocked my world in 2013. I am an eighth grader and most band members join in sixth grade which is for beginners. That meant I was going to be playing with people who had participated in band for a long time. This made me nervous, and I knew I had to practice a lot if I wanted to catch up. At first it was hard because I wasn't used to it. To play the trumpet you must press your lips together and blow air into the trumpet to create what's called a 'buzzing' sound. The trumpet also has what are called valves and tuning slides. Pressing down on a valve causes the air to flow through a different tuning slide which creates a different pitch. It was difficult to get it right at first, I was horrible at buzzing and I sounded terrible. I didn't give up though, I kept practicing. I went online and looked at different videos that helped beginners learn to play. I am a lot better now and even better than some of my classmates! As I improved my band teacher would tell me how good I was getting. At our concert I was placed in the second seat. This meant that I was the second best trumpet player in the band and that made me very happy. Although I do regret not joining band in sixth grade, I am very grateful that I was able to join in eighth and next year I plan on joining the marching band. Playing makes me feel great and someday when I grow up, maybe I can teach others how to play and make them feel good too! If you are interested in doing something whether it's playing an instrument or something else, you should go for it! It'll take some hard work, but if you stay committed and keep at it, you'll feel great!

How Learning the Trumpet was Beneficial to me.

Learning the trumpet was very beneficial for me. I have grown to love music a lot more and am eager to learn more. I began to apply what I'd learned on the trumpet to another instrument, the piano. I wouldn't say that I'm great at it but I am pretty good and can play a couple of songs. Now I'm taking piano lessons, and I've taught my sister some songs and now she's been inspired to join the strings program in school when she gets to 6th grade. Not only is it a great hobby, it can really help you in the future. Below is a video of Louis Armstrong who was a famous jazz player who played the trumpet. Obviously I'm not as good as him, but I sure hope to be some day! Trumpet really helped him find what he truly loved and it showed him what he would want to do with his life. I don't see myself doing this, but I can still say how much of an inspiration Louis is.

Kudos to Myself!

2013 was definitely my best year and I think anyone could agree. Some people can be lazy or not very persistent so they wouldn't be able to learn two instruments in one year! I think that deserves a pat on the back. I'm sure you had some pretty memorable moments last year but is it something that you can really do and enjoy for the rest of your life? Everyone should learn an instrument, it's fun, cool, and you can help others develop their love for music too!


I honestly haven't thought about what I would want to do with the prize money. Would I donate to charity or give as an offering to my church? Most of my family lives in Africa and I think I might give the money to my grandmother. I know she could really use the money. I'm sure that 2014 has a lot of amazing things to offer but I think that this wouldn't definitely make me feel like I've topped my amazing year before. I can't believe it went by so fast! I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow let alone in another year, but whatever happens, I know I'll be ready for it!


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