tip and cool things to do and meet the stars

Youtube Minecraft Stars

these stars you can watch on you tube

here they are:

1. danTDM

2. stampylonghead

3. thedimondminecart

4. minecraft universe

5. TheAtlanticCraft



1. Ask your friends to play with you

2. Make sure you live in a place with plenty of thing that you can eat and craft and more .

3. Start of with a wooden pickaxe to pick the stone and make a stone pickaxe,stone sword,stone hoe and a furnace and then dig for more things.

4. Make sure you have some armour when your on zombie mode.

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft

1. Blow something up

2. Build a gigantic roller coster

2. Build a boat and travel the seas

3. Build something from real life like a pyramid

4. Build an igloo

5. Create a Minecraft mob

6. Creat a Minecraft skin

7. Create some 8 bit art

8. Fight the ender dragon

9. try to find herobrin

10. Build a labyrinth

11. Make a castle

12. Build and volcano