Rosca de Reyes

Una Descripcion

Rosca de Reyes stands for bread of kings. Most Mexicans eat this traditional dessert on January 6th which celebrates the arrival of the three wise men

Los Ingredientes

The 5 basic ingredients needed to make Rosca de Reyes are milk, Cherries. flour, light rum, and lemon peel. Rosca de Reyes is hard to make.

La Salud

Rosca de Reyes is not healthy it is a dessert. It provides 2% of the dally vitamins and minerals you need.

Conexion a la Culture

In Spanish culture a baby Jesus figurine is baked in the bread. Whoever finds the baby Jesus is blessed and must take it to church on February 2.  This person is also responsible for hosting a dinner and providing tamales to guests.

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