By Paige Ehresmann


Separatists are Canadians who want the province of Quebec to become it's own country. There has been a vote on whether or not this should happen twice, and both times the separatists lost.


Parliament is Canada's legislature, the department that makes laws. This department has two parts, the House of Commons and the Senate.


Multiculturalism is the acceptance of more than one culture or way of life.


Industry is any place that has economic activity. An important example in Canada is the timber industry.

National Identity

National Identity is the feeling of being part of a nation, it's something that is very important to Canadians.

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau was the prime minister of Canada in 1982. He made sure that Canada added the Charter of Rights to the Canadian Constitution.


Francophones are Canadians that speak French. Canadian-French is a little different than French spoken in France. Some people of Canada originally came from France.

Transportation Barriers

Transportation barriers are things that stop or make transportation harder, such as mountains, snow, and ice in Canada.

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