By. Ann Sensouk

Australia is located right in the southern hemisphere, south of southeast asia


It is the only country that covers an entire continent. It is rich in natrual resources, that has a lot of fertile land. Farm and cites are mostly located south west and southeast where the climate is its best. The famous outback has the largest deserts, there is scooting temperatures and little water. Mountains send water down into the most important Rivers. They are also 15 hours ahead of Iowa, and Washington

Australians love music . this is an example of a popular australian boy band.


A quarter of the people in Australia were born in other countries, either from the U.S, europian countries. and maybe places from the Middle east. The people there are groups of mostly Asians, and whites. The most common sports played there are soccer, swimming, surfing, and tennis. Some foods they have are Australia meat pie, Lamingtons,pavlova, and chocolate crackle.

This is a flag in Australia that repisents their country.


Australias head of state is the british monarchy. 1999 Australia chose against Separating from the U.K, but the votes closed. The government type they have is the Paliamentary Democracy. The legal system is The Common System based on the english model. The Head of the state is Prime minister is Anthony. They do the elections every 3 years by the most popular vote.


This is some bills that the Australians would use to pay for stuff.

By 2012 Australia had experience more than 20 years of growth in the economics having an average of 3.5 a year. High Astralian dollars has hurt the manufacture sector. The banking system has remained strong and under controlled. Australians resource attract high levels of extensive reserves of coal,iron,cooper, and natural gas. Australia has free trade agreements with chile, malaysia, New Zeland, singapore, thailand, and the U.S. The industries are forms of mining transportation equipment and food processing.


Australias technology has improved a lot.

Australia used the same technology used by the rest of us of the world, and australia invented a great Database, wireless networks, and many other things. They have and use and create impressive technology in Australia.

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