Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's flag

We will discuss the economy, geography, and government of a country known as, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is home to 422 million speakers of the official language, Arabic. It is also home of the M'zab Valley, located in Setiff Province , Algeria. Saudi Arabia has only one religion, Muslim (100%), it is the official religion. Saudi Arabia also has ethnic groups of Arab (90%), and Afro-Asian (10%).

Saudi Arabia's economy is oil-based. They export over 6.88 million bbl/ a day. They produce 11.73 million bbl/ a day. Saudi Arabia has strong government controls over major economic activities due to its oil-based economy. In 2013, it had a 45% of GDP in gross national saving. Saudi Arabia's industries include crude oil production, petroleum refining, ammonia, industrial gases, cement, fertilizer, plastics, metals, and construction.

Its geography is overall a desert. The climate is harsh, it is dry, and has great temperature extremes. It is also frequent to sand and dust storms. The environment has a lack or permanent water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, or oceans. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river. It is located in the Middle East, it borders the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, and is north of the country Yemen.

Saudi Arabia's government type is a monarchy. Its capitol is located in Riyadh at geographic coordinates 24, 39 N, 46, 42 E. The time difference is 8 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time. Saudi Arabia claimed independence on September 23, 1932. Saudi Arabia's national anthem is Hash Al Maleek (Long Live Our Beloved King). Its national symbol is a palm tree surmounting two crossed swords.

Overall Saudi Arabia is an overall average place. The geography is pretty bad but survivable. It has a great economy for oil production. Government is overall normal but it has control. Saudi Arabia sounds like a good place but there is a death penalty for traffickers. It is also improving its anti money laudering legislation and enforcement.

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