What Its Made Of

Did you know that Neptune is made of alot of stuffIts made of gasses and clouds.Bur.It has a little bit of ice in it.Dinosaur "ha".The clouds change there shapes.The only solid part is the rocky core.

Speed and Length

Neptune is far away but fast.It is the 8th farthest from the sun.It is big...not for long.From Earth,Neptune looks like a star.Neptune is zooming fast.One day there takes 16 earth hours.Now its kinda fast.One year takes 165 earth years.Saturn and Jupiter are five times closer than Saturn and Neptune.

Neptune's Moons

Neptune's Moons Are awesome.It has 8 know moons.It really has 13 moons.That means thieve study'd 8 out of the 13 moons.Triton is the biggest of the planets moons.Go Neptune.Triton is also one of the biggest Icy moons.a

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