Florida State University

By: Jaiana Cannady & Avante' Hedgepeth

School Information

Florida State University is located 600 W College Ave, Tallahassee Florida, 32306.

FSU is a public institution that was founded in 1851. There is currently a total of undergraduate enrollment of 32, 528. FSU's four year graduation rate is about fifty-seven percent.

The late Francis W. Eppes (grandson of President Thomas Jefferson) attended FSU. Model Gabrielle Reece, singer Rita Coolidge, and writer/ actress Cheryl Hines.

This school is a good choice because professors are very helpful and very understanding when it comes down to people and their school work, especially their careers. FSU is commonly known for their academics, and its also not hard to find work and internships,and etc. Florida State University holds a special place in peoples heart people it is unique- well balanced with stunning achievements in both the arts and science.

FSU is one of the finest colleges in the country, and indeed in the world.

School Admission

For the Spring the deadline to apply for Florida State University is November 1st, Summer is March 1st, and Fall is July 1st.

The minimum GPA score is 3.8-4.3, SAT is 1760-1960 , and the ACT 26-30.

The student body makeup is a mixture because their are males and females. No it is not a historically black university. The classes I take would be a combination of people from all over, no matter race, color, size, age, or gender.


The audition dates for the dance program are November 19, 2014 and deadline is October 24, 2014. Audition number two is January 14, 2015 and deadline is December 5, 2015. Audition number three February 11, 2015 and deadline is January 23, 2015 all three located at FSU's dance studio.

The requirements to audition for the dance program are your course names, numbers. If your an transfer student the School of Dance determines the applicability of previous coursework to the requirements. You probably would have to have a dance major you can register for one of the scheduled auditions held during each year.

No there isn't any CALLBACKS!

The different sections of the auditions are Contemporary Dance I, Ballet I, Contemporary Dance II, Ballet II, Contemporary Dance III, and Ballet III which are the major groups.  

As a dancer you should expect their is no waiting list, and video audition are not accepted.

The appropriate attire to wear for ballet for women are clothes fitting, proper dance wear, ballet slippers, and /or the pointe shoes.Men clothes fitting, proper dance wear, and ballet shoes. For the contemporary dance for women are to wear clothes fitting, proper dance wear and bare feet. Men are to wear clothes fitting, proper dance wear, and bare feet.

Classes & Professors

Classes that are offered at Florida State University are BFA , MFA, MA Studio and Related Studies, and Specialized Studies.

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar is an American dancer, teacher, and choreographer of modern dance. She is the founder of the Urban Bush Women dance company. She received her M.F.A in dance from Florida State.

Alumni & Degrees

BFA in bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, MFA in Masters of fine Arts in Dance, and MA studio and related studies in Masters of Arts in Dance with a major in studio and related studies, Specialized studies in Arts and Community Practice. FSU in NYC which is a gateway to professional dance world for the series dance student. FSU dance in Paris which the school of dance offers courses as a part of the FSU study of Abroad and Paris, France. FSU Dance in Valencia which the school of dance offers courses as a part of the FSU study of Abroad in Valencia,Spain. ]

Some successful graduates of dance are Jawole Zollar, Tricia Jones, and Darrell Jones.

University and City Life

Yes Florida State University has NCAA athletics.

Yes, and the name of their football team is Florida State Seminoles founded in 1999 and was season ranked first in the country.

FSU has launched a $1 billion fundraising campaign that will help the university improve them student experience. Oct. 17 with a campus-wide celebration and an invitation-only gala etc.

FSU Panama City is in Florida's Great Northwest region along the shores of beautiful North Bay.The campus is just minutes away from emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the white sand of the worlds most beautiful beaches. Panama City/Bay County area has a population of 168,852 and have a abundance of cultural and community events, great restaurants and unique shopping venues etc. Its an Urban City.

They have a bike sharing program which allow students to get around campus. Seminole Express Bus System which provides transit from almost every apartment complex on the west side of Tallahassee to the FSU campus. Zip Car car charing that you can borrow, Zim ride is a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. GOTCHA Green Ride is an eco-friendly marketing and promotions company providing free safe rides around town. And also emergency ride home program getting to work, vanpool, bus, cycling, or walking etc. Yes they may also bring cars to school.

The have Friday Night Block Parties, every sport games, downtown market places, museums for basically anything (car, wildlife, etc.). They have St.Marks Lighthouse,Capitol Building, and many different types of parks.

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