My Favorite Season

By: Lexy Sizemore

       When I walk outside I hear the sound of crunching under my feet. As I walk I continuing to hear the crunch under my feet. But enough is enough now it is time for me to head back into the house and once I get inside I hear my mom say do you want hot chocolate yes I do. I hear the sound of marshmallows plopping into my little cup.

       As I drink my hot chocolate I smell peppermints and my mom offers me one and as I continue drinking my hot chocolate. I smell chicken and corn witch means mashed potato’s.As I wait for dinner I look outside and I see the blanket of the season’s covering the ground and I smile because it is a beautiful sight. And it looks like there's nothing on the tree’s.

      When dinner is ready I can taste the chicken’s flavor the seasonings and all the amazing flavours.I mix my corn and potatoes and what is this their is tomato soup as I drink it I feel the warmth running down my throat warming me up from the inside.Then I taste hot tea with honey and Sugar yummy my favorite thing ever.

      I feel warm in the comfort of my home it is warm by the heater and under my supper soft santa blanket. It feels really good when you just came in from being outside. As I get into bed I feel like a million pounds have been dropped on me because I am under like a million blankets. But as I lay in bed I think about how other people describe this wonderful season most say it is decently cold or Wet but I would describe it as Awesome.

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