William Shakespeare

Italia 5th period 10/7/14

William Shakespeare life :)

William was born in a town call Stratford- upon Avon in 1564. He was third of eight children. In Nov, 27 1582 William recieve lincese to marry Anne Hathway, the daughter of a farmer . William was 18 & Anne was 26 . 1st child was born and her name was Susanna she was born on May , 15 1585. Later on Anne had twins in 1585 ,Judith & Hammet. When Shakespeare arrive to London. William began association with of the city's repertory theater companies. Shakespeare maintianed a relationship with a single company. On Williams last 8 years , was the sole author only 3 plays Cymbeline, The Tempest & Winters Tail. In England William he was the most succesful play writer. On Williams years , in England was ruled by Queen Elizabeth. In those England years , England had a bunch of migrants . William was on of them , he came from English countryside .

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