The Pretty Flower

By: Marshaylee Knighten & Danielle Donoghue

In "The Pretty Flower," there was not a need to make any changes from the first graph; this design suits the title perfectly. The design is of a flower. I used a blue circle for the bed that the flower is sitting on top of. A lemniscate was used as part of the flower going side ways in pink. Finally, a rose was used to finish off the entire flower with orange.
Throughout this project, we experimented mathematically by testing various polar equations in order to form a specific design, we had to correspond different sizes of a rose, circle, and a lemniscate. We experimented with these graphs by viewing how different equations made the polar graphs larger and smaller. In addition, we learned a lot from this assignment.

During the completion of this assignment we learned the effects  that r and o have on each type of equation. For example, in a circle, the bigger the r, the bigger the circle. Also, the bigger the r in an equation for a rose, the more petals there will be. It was fun experimenting with the different types of graphs.

I enjoyed working on this assignment. It was fun being able to choose my own design. I liked being able to color the graph to enhance the design. It was relatively easy, as long as you follow directions. I wouldn't mind doing another project like this.

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