Model Undercover Paris

By: Carina Axelsson
Project By: Jordan Morris


The setting takes place in Paris and is in present day.


Axelle Anderson's parents send her to Paris to get her mind off of becoming a spy. She doesn't like fashion, but her Aunt Venetia loves fashion. When top designer, Bella La Lune goes missing, Aunt Venetia becomes a prime suspect. Axelle decides she is going to solve the case and prove to her parents that she is a good spy. She goes undercover and becomes a model to find Bella. Along the way she becomes friends with, Ellie, one of the models. Axelle meets Sebastian and he becomes her sidekick. Ellie and Sebastian help Axelle search for clues. Will Axelle find Bella in time or will it be too late?  

Carina Axelsson moved to Paris to study art. There she wrote and illustrated her first book, a picture book for children. For more details on Carina please check out her link below.

Main Characters

Axelle- Mysterious, brave, and smart. She tries to figure out why Bella has gone missing. Axelle says "A case big enough and juicy enough to turn my mom around. And this case was mine for taking."

Ellie- Smart, strong, and loves fashion. She helps Axelle in the fashion world. Ellie says "What you have to do is feel the shoes. Trust yourself and you will not fall."

Sebastian- Strong, smart, quick, and cute (according to Axelle). He tries to help Axelle figure out the mystery. Sebastian says " Well, we are on the same trail, maybe we could join forces."

Aunt Venetia- Sneaky, crazy, rude, weird, and loves fashion. She is very opinionated about how people dress. She is also the prime suspect. Aunt Venetia says "If you ever become a private eye... you'll definitely have to do something about your outfit."

Bella- Nice, smart, cute, fashionable, and a top designer. She has gone missing during Paris fashion week.

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