Egyptian Vocabulary

Vocabulary Important For Our Journey


Egyptian pharaoh death mask.

Ruler of Egypt and usually part of a dynasty. A pharaoh had only the Gods of Egypt above him in power.


Direct descendants of a ruling family. Power passes from one generation to the next. When there are no more family members to pass the crown to, a dynasty will end.


Ancient Egyptian writing using symbols and pictures. Hieroglyphics have been found on ancient pyramids as well as text left behind.


Pharaohs were buried in pyramids, which were elaborate tombs that contained everything they would need for the afterlife. The pharaoh's mummified body would be sealed in the pyramids after they died.


The process of preserving the body for the afterlife. Process took about 45 days with priests performing the ceremony. Many pharaohs were mummified, while regular people were buried in the desert.

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