Skills and characteristics you need to work in the IT industry specific


What technical knowledge might you need in an IT job?

If your job is being an app designer there are things that you need to focus on being a app designer, web designer or a game designer. The types of thing that you will need is knowledge, programming language: HTML and CSS.

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What working procedures would you follow in an IT job?

When you have an IT job you will have to go by the rules and regulations. For example you have to make sure that you don't leave no wires anywhere because you can make someone fall over and unplug your computer or make any damages. Also you will have to be on time because you could miss something very important that you will have to do.  

What health and safety issues might you come across?

Health and safety is so important for an IT job as there are certain rules that you have to go by. For example you should not leave wires on the floor or anywhere we're people can fall over or badly hurt them selves. You shouldn't mess around because you could mess are and you might not listen to something important and your boss may not want you there as you won't listen properly. The most important on Do not e is that your not allowed food or drinks at any computers because if you spill anything over your computer you are the person who will get told off and you will have to pay for the damage that you have made.


What interpersonal skills will you need?

For an IT job you will need different skills. The first one has to be communication this is because if you don't communicate with others that work with you or in the same department as you. Also you will need to communicate with others because you will be called in for some meetings and you have to communicate to others to share your ideas.You will need to listen to instructions so you know what you have to do and what your boss wants and it's very important. Also be sociable.

What planning skills will you need?

When your doing a IT job you will need different planning skills. For example you will need to work as a team, also you will have to be organised for meeting or anything that yo you are asked to do. Also meeting deadlines, breaking down tasks, manage your time or even being creative with your tasks and making your job effective.

What numeric skills will you need?

With IT jobs you will have to have numeric skills. For example everybody will need the basic and simple maths, percentages and working with different formulas this is because you may see some formulas that you need to learn that's why you need to learn different formulas.

what creativity skills will you need?

What you will need for a creative skill is by brainstorming ideas down and use colours to colour code the different parts that your talking about; creating different ideas to make anything better. Also you could use problem solving to have a creative mind.


What attitudes will be preferred?

The attitudes that jobs will be looking for is working independently and sensible, leadership skills, you will have to have confidence so if some one asks you to take a meeting for them then you will need that confidence to speak in front of the people in the meeting. You will also need self motivation which means motivation, making sure your on time or your work is on time and your on task all the time.

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