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Javelin -

long, thin iron neck and a heavy wooden shaft. It had a barbed tip that gave it armor piercing capabilities

Gladius -

Second Punic War when General Scipio took it from the Spanish people

One of the main weapons used for slashing and stabbing

Pugio - a military sidearm, used like a pocket knife.

(fun fact: this was the weapon used to assassinate Caesar)


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Hasta -

head made of iron, and shaft composed of ashes

main weapon for the legionaries since it provided a good range and could dominate cavalry with ease

Bracae -

a type of legging that would extend to almost their knee for warmth

Calligae -

heavy sandals that had iron nails as treads

Balteus -

standard belt worn over the sporran

Galea -

most common helmet worn

Focale -

scarves that they would wear to prevent the metal from the armor to scrape against their neck

Lorica Hamata

chain mail

Lorica Segmentata

plate armor

Loricae Squamatae

scale armor


cross bow like catapult

Scorpion Bolt

high accuracy catapult and used during the invasion towards Britain

Started using catapults in

280-275 B.C.

The Romans used the torsion catapult

3 ways to categorize them.

1. power source - bow or spring

2. missile - sharp or heavy

3. design - euthytone or palintone

Vitrivius - main guy who made all of them


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