Elements and Principles of Design

The company Target uses the visual design element Point by having all the focus be on the center red dot
The company BMW harnesses the visual design elements Horizontal and Vertical Lines by using solid black lines to separate the two colors
Sony captures the visual design element Color by using a combination of two different color temperatures cool and warm colors
The Internet browser Mozilla Firefox's logo looks like the tail has fur which is an example of the visual design element Value
The TV program CNN's logo has a very geometric look to it with its curved C and curved N's
The website Wikipedia's logo looks 3D because of its curved characters, disappearing characters, and the stretched look on the puzzle pieces
The use of Space in the Nissan logo makes the words NISSAN pop out
Just by looking at this picture you can tell that texture was used to create this logo
The iconic batman logo is a great example of the principle of design balance
The red on white helps emphasis the G in MGK
The gold on black on this Lamborghini logo is a good example of contrast
The company Louis Vuitton's logo uses regular patterns in its background
As you can see Popeye's arms are out of proportion for his body
The rings in the Olympic's logo shows completness and harmony
The Nike logo doesn't have a lot of elements to it it is a great example of economy
The search engine Google uses the element of color temperature by using more warm colors
Adidas is a great example of the principle of design Economy because it uses black and white and basic lines and curves
The Air Jordan logo uses Shape because of its enclosed lines

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