Latin America/Caribbean

Economic Imperialism

Latin Americas and Caribbean

Democracy was attempted but failed to take root of the newly independent nations of Latin Americas. Meanwhile, new technology helped to intertwine the Economies of nations thousands of miles away from each other. The United States and Britain soon would invest heavily on the Latin Americas and the Caribbean which were under the intentions of imperialism.

Lingering Political Problems

The Colonial Legacy

  • South American Colonies wanted unification but the attempts for it failed. Resulting in the 20 or more "mini-nations" that were established by constitutions.
  • The social and political attributes in South America were structured on constitutions, which most of them were based around the American Constitutions.
  • Creoles replaced the Peninsulares as the ruling class.
  • Blacks and Indians didn't much respect and were limited to things they can do because of the inequalities that was bestowed upon them.
  • The lighter your skin the more respect and opportunities you would have.

The Search for Stability

  • Latin American has to find order for itself before it falls apart.
  • no tradition of unity
  • Regionalism was the respect of the borders on a map set by nations.
  • Caudillos Private armies to resist the central government.
  • Power remained in the hands of a privileged few who have no desire in sharing it.
  • Conservatives were for themselves and what they want to happen and what they need.
  • Liberals were for the people and their rights and what is good for the country.

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