Everyone feels differently

Everyone feels differently about teasing. For some people, being called a name doesn't bother them-they can just laugh it off. For others, they feel hurt and embarrassed. Neither reaction is wrong; it just depends on how a person feels about the teasing.

Read the examples of teasing below. For each one, write down how you'd feel if you were teased in this way. Then compare your answers with several classmates'. Would they feel the same way or differently? Discuss the reasons for your answers.

Divide your answers of Feel and Why for each answer.

How would you feel if someone....

1. Pulled your hair all the time?

2. Told you your lunch was smelly?

3. Pretended he/she couldn't hear you.

4. Told you your clothes looked like they came from a dump.

5. Imitated the way you walk or run.

6. Told others a lie about you.

7. Gave you a dirty look all the time.

8. Teased you about your family.

9. Made fun of a project that you worked very hard on.