Did You Know That Hurricanes Are One Of The Most Powerfull Forms On Earth

  • The high wind speeds for a hurricane are 200mp
  • low for an average hurricane winds are 75mp
  • For a hurricane to form the waters have to be 80 or warmer
  • Low pressure systems are most likely to be closer to the eye of the hurricane but the further you are away from the eye high pressure systems happen. The eye of the hurricane is the center  of the hurricane.
  • group of cirrus clouds will form

1900 Texas Hurricane

  • 8,000 people lost there lives due to this hurricane
  • over 3,636 homes were destroyed  all over Texas    

Hurricane Irene 2011 East Coast

  • Hurricane Irene killed 8 people
  • Destroyed over 800 million dollars worth of places and personal belongings.

What We Have Now That Helps Us Stay Safe During A Hurricane

  • We now have news stations that alert us when crisis's are upon us.
  • We also have sirens  that go off when a hurricane is going on.
  • And some people have safe rooms that have zero windows.  
  • Some community's also have an escape rout during a hurricane.


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