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  Do you like to play on swings? Our playground used to have swings and now we don’t. Grant School needs swings.

Grant School needs to have swings. We used to have swings and they were popular.

For example, people walk around outside saying they wish we had swings. Students also will be happy at recess if there were swings. You might be thinking that they might fight because they're so popular but there could be a time limit with three swings.

My next reason why Grant needs swings is because swings are a relaxing way to play. For example, if you are hot you can swing to cool yourself down. Swinging can make them forget what they are sad about. They just might want to swing and do nothing.

My final reason why Grant needs swings is they can replace something like the monkey bars because kids don't play on them. They can replace something that they do not play on anymore. If they don’t replace stuff that they don’t use it will be a waste of time. It will be a waste of money and they can get something else.

You might be thinking where could we get the money and who will watch us. We can do a fundraiser to raise the money for the slides. Mr Geoff could sit on the bench where the log cabin is and watch us and tell us when to get off. Or we could also help the elderly get food for them and show them where stuff is to help raise money.

I really think that Grant School really needs swings. Please can you help donate the money to get swings? Or we could find ways to get money.

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