Lung disease, asthma- Environmental diseases are diseases that come from the environment around you. Like if you go outside and an allergic reaction happens. These diseases are very unpredictable on if they are curable or unfix-able.

Influenza- caused by viruses, Very contagious, curable with a beginning of the year vaccination for it, and can affect you because it is very common.

Lifestyle Diseases:

throat cancer- lifestyle diseases are diseases you get from your lifestyle, your choices, etc. Lifestyle diseases come from the choices you make. Sometimes they are curable.

Type 2 diabetes-caused by eating alot of sugar and not being real active to burn the calories and causes high blood pressure, curable, with a low calorie 1 year diet, it effects you because it makes you less active and more lazy and could cause obesity.

Genetics Disease:

Autism, breast cancer, colon cancer- Genetic diseases are diseases that are passed down through genes. You get Genetics diseases from you genes. MOst of the time they are NOT able to be treated just because its in your genes.

Cystic Fibrosis- caused by a defect in the CFTR gene, Has NO CURE!!, but treatable with removal of mucus in the lungs, preventing dehydration, enough nutrition, and controlling infections of the lungs, effects you because of the mucus it produces and makes your sweat EXTREMELY salty.