Module 102 Assignment

As you can see in this picture, there are everyday technologies being used. Technologies such as PC towers, LED monitors, headphones, and calculators are used in the classroom pictured below. More modern things such as a smart board and projectors are not used here.

Technologies not used in picture:

- Smart board: $7,199.00. They are used in a wide majority of classrooms across America.

- Projectors: average is $1,000. They are used along with smart boards and computers to project a larger screen.

Technologies used in picture:

- PC Tower: average is $300. They are used in almost every classroom in the country weekly, along with many used across the World as well.

- LED Monitor: average is $200. They are used along with PC towers in most classrooms with computer accessibility.

- Calculators: average $80. They are used daily in classrooms all over the World, and in everyday life.

- Headphones: average $10. They are used along with computers in some classrooms as they are needed, but are on their way out of use.

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