• Severe snowstorm with high winds and little to no visibility

How Does A Blizzard Form?

  • Cold air below freezing level and snow
  • Moisture clouds and precipitation (snow)
  • Warm air for clouds which will cause precipitation (snow)
  • Strong winds (35 mph or faster)
  • Cold moist air at the surface then warm air rises over cold air (stationary front)  
  • low/high pressure system

The Knickerbocker Snowstorm Of 1922

  • (98 people dead)
  • (133 people injured)
  • (Damage not reported do to year)
  • upper south and middle atlantic United States

Super Storm Snowstorm Of 1993

  • (Over 200 people dead)
  • (Injuries not reported)
  • (Total damage cost over 5.5 billion dollars)

What Have People Done In Blizzards?

  • Watch weather forecast and weather reports
  • Have survival Kit for car and house
  • Charge electronics
  • Say inside and off roads
  • Prepare for no heat/power
  • Watch for to much snow on roof


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