Angela Kisler: The Benefits of Philanthropy

Angela Kisler: The Benefits of Philanthropy

Angela Kisler understands a thing or two about community involvement, having donated much of her free time, energy and effort towards organizations and programs that make a real difference, and impact for those in need. A passionate and compassionate giver who always enjoys the chance to help others, Kisler has maintained active involvement in programs that shelter the homeless, feed the hungry and work towards environmental sustainability, and is even looking forward to beginning her own nonprofit covering the topic of domestic abuse.

Experienced and ever-active in community outreach, Angela Kisler knows the many benefits, both for the community and for the volunteer, provided through community involvement.

Fostering Company Growth

Incorporating philanthropy into one’s business model is a powerful way to create stronger connections with the local community, to provide a rewarding opportunity to employees, and build and cultivate a stronger, more loyal base of clients. As Angela Kisler knows, making charity a part of company operation, when properly implemented, can be a powerful way to grow and sustain your business.

Strengthening the Community

Donating your time, energy or money to a cause can be a great way not only to help out less fortunate people, but can also work to strengthen the community as a whole. However you help, whether it be through feeding the hungry, handing out blankets to the homeless or advancing a noble cause, community involvement helps to strengthen community compassion, bonding and connection with others.

Good for Your Health

The act of giving back, as Angela Kisler knows, can be extremely good for your health, as it keeps you active, helps to reduce stress, allows to you to build stronger personal relationships, etc. Helping others can be an extremely effective way to get exercise, socialize and participate in a highly cathartic activity that counterbalances the stresses and demands of busy professional and personal life.

Career Boost

Perhaps you’re looking to further your career in a certain field, or would like to get your foot in the door and/or pursue a new skill. Community involvement gives the volunteer/contributor the chance to learn and develop skills, provides the individual the opportunity to potentially learn something integral to their own career, and creates a powerful networking opportunity that may have enormous benefits years down the road.

Community involvement is something that Angela Kisler has always taken seriously, and is something she will be committed to many years to come.

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