The Milky Way galaxy otherwise known as our home. Its diameter is 100,000 light years and contains over a 100 billion stars!

Milky Way

The Andromeda Galaxy is one of four galaxies that can be seen through a telescope and can sometimes be seen in the northern hemisphere!


Hoags Object is a very unique galaxy. In the center there is a cluster of stars surrounded by a blue ring and its actually all ONE galaxy !

Hoag's Object

The Cartwheel Galaxy , the blue ring resulted from a collision between this galaxy and a smaller one over 200 million years ago!

Cartwheel Galaxy

The Porpoise Galaxy is actually two galaxies , NG 2936 and Arp 142 working as one ! In a billion years, it will collide with another galaxy!

Porpoise Galaxy

The Black Eye galaxy's bright middle is stars forming in the middle, it's also known that it collided with another galaxy over a billion yrs

The Black Eye Galaxy

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