brighton beach memoirs

the great depression
The great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the 1930s. This is an example of how far the world's economy can decline. the great depression affected mostly everybody, but mostly people from the lower class. they lost everything. People from the middle class lost money & their home, and were moved to the lower class. On the other hand, the upper class was affected, but very little. they still had homes & money, but taxes were raised. this made the upper class lose more amount of money.

Colleges in the 1930s
a college in california is, berkeley college. the mascot is the " golden bear ".
the tuition in the 1930s was between $100 and $50000. the cost for room, board, books etc.. is $28,133. in the 1930s, the graet depression and the dust bowl forced the colleges to outreach arm to serve the same folks in a disaster relief capacity. those things don't happen these days.

costs in the 1930s.
the Gas averaged 20 cents a gallon in the United States, during the 1930s. in the 1930s, there was different kins of prices for the food they had. for example, Dozen Eggs was  18 Cents. Loaf of Bread was 5 cents. Ketchup, 9 cents & Bananas 19 cents for 4 Pounds. A New Car in the 1930s Costed on average about $640. A one karat diamond was around $500 in the 1930s.

Stan's apology letter
Dear Mr. Stroheim ,
    I am writing this letter to apologize for what i have done. I was not thinking straight, i was upset, and i really did not  want to lose my job.
   You took my job away because i did something that i was not suppost to do, and for trying to defend a fellow working partner. i honestly don't know why i did that if i knew that it would get me trouble.
    i wrote this letter to opologize for what i did because i really need my job right now and because i am really ashamed of whAT I DID. you should please hire me back because i really need this job and because i really like what i do in this job. IF YOU WOULD TAKE ME BACK, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT. YOURS TRULY

Broadway show
Cinderella (musical)
the first show started in
the ticket costs $96.00

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