Mdawg Elder (Maddie)

Imagine a country that has less technology than any other, wondering what they can do to make life easier. They are confused. Confused with the idea of making a machine that can make goods 1,000 times as fast as the average worker. Often the first inventions of the industrial revolution failed and they were confused as to why they had failed. Industrial Revolution Failure, written by George P. Shaw says “The first mill ever created had fallen to pieces and inventors were wondering if they would ever get the revolution started.” Not only did they not understand how to work, or build they also did not know how to adapt to having a corporation in the city. A quote from “LIberty for All?” says that the inventors/owners did not understand the sanitation importance, pigs and rats ran around the streets, many diseases were carried around this way. Yes, confusion was a big obstacle in the way of the industrial revolution, it has made inventors think longer and harder just to help general society.

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