The Hero's Journey

Wreck-It Ralph

Joseph Campbell identified 16 stages of a hero's journey and i will use them to show the stages in Wreck-It Ralph.

Home Culture

One of the stages in the Hero's Journey is their home culture which is the place where the hero thinks is normal. This picture shows Ralph at his dumpster home in the game Fix-It Felix.

Call to Adventure

Another stage of the Hero's Journey is the call to adventure, a normal event that motivates the hero to acknowledge an unknown aspect of his world. Ralph sees that Felix is getting honored and he feels that he should too so that motivates him to get a medal.

Crossing the First Threshold

Another stage of the Hero's Journey is crossing the first threshold which is when the hero steps out of his or her comfort zone and must overcome an obstacle entering the unknown danger of the journey. Ralph goes to another game, Hero's Duty, to get a medal and knows that if he dies he will not regenerate.

Refusal of the Call

Refusal of the call is when the hero chooses not move forward in life they choose not to give up their responsibilities. Ralph doesn't want to be bad anymore and wants to show people that he is good.

Supernatural Aid

Supernatural aid is when the hero is provided an instrumental item to assist their step forward into the unknown. Ralph is motivated to show people his good side and to let them know he is not a bad guy.

Road of Trials

The road of trials tests the hero and is found vulnerable but the outcome reveals a part of them that they did not know existed. Ralph goes into Hero's Duty and has to fight cybugs in order to get his medal.

Meeting a Soul Mate

The hero steps into a stage called meeting a soul mate which is when the hero meets a symbolic person that encourages him to move forward. Ralph meets Vanellope and sees that she can help him get back his medal.

Overcoming Temptation

Another stage is the overcoming temptation which is when someone or something tries to destroy the journey itself. King Candy is trying to stop Ralph from letting Vanellope race and from getting his medal.

Viewing the Whole Picture

Viewing the whole picture is when the hero moves beyond the final terrors of change that are founded in his ignorance. Ralph sees that Vanellope needs help getting back into the game so he wants to help her instead of worrying about his medal.

The Ultimate Goal

Another stage of the Hero's Journey is  the ultimate goal which is when the hero becomes self-assured and often receives  physical gifts or emotional rewards. Vanellope gives Ralph a medal she made him to thank him for helping her.

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