Biotic factors
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abiotic factors


Carrying Capacity

The maximum, equilibrium number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported indefinitely in a given environment.

population over time

Just like oh deer animals in my habitat need food,water,space and shelter.Many ways animals in my habitat die off is from not finding food say a mountain lion eats most of the deer so other mountain lions can't find much left to they die off so that year a lot die off.Or for shelter say their is heavy snow fall and at the caves are food well most of the mountain goats will die because they can not find shelter so they freeze to death.

Well in my region a llama is a consumer that is an omnivore
and their is also grass in my region and they are the producers
and also mushrooms in my region are the decomposers.

where everything gets thier energy from

Producers get their energy from the sun,consumers get their energy from other organisms or plant. And decomposers get their energy from the waste of dead animals.

the food chain without producers

With out producers in the life cycle/food chain their would be...nothing bc were do herbivores get their energy from. producers so with out them the herbivores die and with out them the meat eaters die bc they will have nothing to eat so producers are a vital part in the food chain.
Food webs are more realistic because its not one like like a food chain its more possibilities.

what would happen if i took out an animal

Now look at the food web what if i wore to take out the hawks then the mice rabbits and others herbivores would get over populated then they would eat all the grass so that the insects get non so they would die and the insectivorous birds would over populate if the hawks don't eat them and everything will just go out of order.         

my energy pyramid


coyote- 10%
mountion lion-1%

the process of photosynthesis

In order for plants to have photosynthises the pleant must mave water,sunlight and carbon dioxide. and with all of that they make oxygen, suger.

were photosynthesis takes place

it takes place in the chloroplast

transformation during    photosynthesis  

During photosynthesis chlorophyll traps light energy to make food/suger and it absorbs water from the roots wile carbon dioxide enters through the leaves. and gives off oxygen.

Tropisms in my region

Tropisms in my region happen in some plant like sunflowers like this one witch is facing the sun.

the role of decomposers

Decomposers are vital in my region their would be almost no trees if their were none

sense their is not a lot of trees, decomposers make the soil finer so trees can grow better.

Mushrooms are some decomposers in my region and are a vital role.


Adaptations are vary vital in my region say a llama is at the higher parts of the mountains and it starts to become vary cold to it snows so the llama makes a head to the bottom of the mountain so it will need strong hard hooves to clime down the rocky hard mountain side. Or if just over all it gets colder the llama and other animals with need to grow a heaver and thiker coat of fur to survive the winter cold.

Plants also have adaped to grow low to the ground so they are under the ice and avoiding blowing ice.

Saying that if i were to put my plant in a different region say the beach or swampy region since they grow so low to the ground all the water around them would cover the plant and kill it from being watered so much.

natural selection

Natural selection- the process were organisms better adapt to their environment.

An animal in my region that has had to adapt to the enviorment to survive in a goat if u see in the picture before the adapt change the goat does not have a lot of fur and their legs are not at big and strong and the hooves are smaller and in the picture to the right the goat has more fur to survive the harsh winters and their hooves are bigger to clime the huge mountian sides and their legs are bigger and stronger to clime the mountian side and thats just one of the animals that have to adapt to survive in my enviorment.

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