All About Touch Typing

What is touch typing?
To type using all one's fingers and without looking at the keys.

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How can touch typing benefit you?

Example 1: it improves your health, by using the correct form of touch typing you have to use proper posture which is good on your back, shoulders, and arms
Example 2: improves your productivity by helping you make less typos, you can get through things quicker and easier
Example 3: your focus is better when taking notes or writing an essay, you don't have to think about where your keys are your fingers just start to get used to the correct keys
Example 4: helps you save time by preventing mistakes and having to go back and correct them
Example 5: it helps you improve your typing speed, though this isn't all that important until you actually get the touch typing accomplished
Example 6: overall, it helps you with almost everything. Preventing typos, posture, health, speed, focus, and can get work finished faster.
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As shown above, you can see in the left photo how she has stress on her lower and upper back, shown as bad posture. On the right, you can see how proper posture helps relieves stress overall. She has her feet slightly elevated and her back straight, her wrists are resting on the table as well relieving all stress.

How to properly position your hands on the keyboard:

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