Zombie Chasers by Ryan

I think zombie chasers would be a good book for people who like drama!,zombies!, and survival. zombie chasers is mostly about how will a child do in the zombie apocalypse?will he live or will he die?.Come read zombie chasers and see for yourself and solve the mistery of how the infection started and what's causeing it.

This is john kleopfer

John Kloepfer grew up in Buffalo, NY where he attended The Nichols School. He is also an alumnus of Deerfield Academy, Amherst College and University of Buffalo, where he majored in English and Film.

John Kloepfer grew up in Buffalo, NY and attended The Nichols School, where he studied sort of hard, played on the basketball and soccer teams, and basically just engaged in typical teenage shenanigans for a bunch of years. He is also an alumnus of Deerfield Academy, Amherst College and University of Buffalo, where he majored in English and Film.

After college, John worked on his writing while making ends meet with a variety of odd jobs, including recreation instructor (a.k.a. ping pong master/bumper pool king), substitute teacher (a.k.a. worksheet hander-outer) and butcher shop delivery boy (a.k.a. sandwich maker/dishwasher/turkey carver/floor mopper).

In 2008 John moved to New York City and began writing The Zombie Chasers series almost immediately, which was a very good thing because he didn’t have any other job prospects lined up. A few years later, John started his second series, a trio of alien-themed novels: Galaxy’s Most Wanted.

Now he lives in Brooklyn where he is working on two brand new middle grade books about giant Godzilla-like monsters who are attacking a small town and the rag-tag gang of kids who accidentally created them.

How i  found Zombie Chasers

One day I was looking for a good book to read like the hobbit.At that time I was trying to find a book to read, it was like all of the books that I could read weren't right for me.As I flipped thru all the books I could read for about the 10th time somthing cought my eye.I was expecting a unhooking book but wonce I started reading zombie chasers,for the frist time I got hooked into it.My mind let go of the thot that I was never going to get the right book.I started to feel like I was in the story too.Thruout the story I never lost intrest on every page.Infact when I would finish eatch page I felt more and more like I was in the story too.Even when the book would describe the weather I could feel what it was desribeing.Like when the book descrbed the wind I could feel it running down my back.So if I had one word to describe the book it would be incredible.If I would have a book to reccommend it would be zombie chasers.

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