The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero

The author is Rick Riordan.

The genre was fantasy.

The plot development is man vs. fate.

The characters are: Piper

Jason- The main leader of the quest

Leo- Jason's best friend

The main settings were: Camp Half-Blood, Aeolus's Palace, and Monocle Motors.

Four words to describe Leo are sneaky, clever, humorous, and annoying

Four words to describe Aeolus's Palace are chaotic, strange, busy, and interesting

The protagonists are Leo, Jason, and Piper

The main antagonists are Gaea and her sons  Polybotes


First, Jason wakes up on a bus with no memories  sitting next to a girl he doesn't know and he also meets Leo. Then, they get off the bus at the Grand Canyon. The student Dylan turns into a storm spirit and attacks Jason, Leo, and Piper. They storm spirit runs away but takes Coach Hedge (a satyr trying to take them to Camp Half-Blood.) Then, Annabeth a daughter of Athena arrives in a chariot drawn by pegasi. She takes them to Camp Half-Blood. Almost as soon as they arrive Leo is claimed as a son of Hephaestus. Annabeth's friend Rachel (and the Oracle of Delphi) is possessed by the goddess Hera and she says "our enemies stir, The fiery one is only the first. Bow to his will, and their king shall rise, dooming us all, FREE ME!" because Piper was dreaming about the giant who kidnapped her father. Jason is at the big house with Chiron the camp director and time freezes. Suddenly Hera appears in mist coming out of the leopard's head sticking out of the wall and says similar things. During the campfire, Jason is claimed as a son of Zeus. Piper is claimed as a daughter of Aphrodite. The Oracle (Rachel) issues a prophecy "child of lightning, beware the earth, the giant's revenge the seven shall birth, the forge and dove shall break the cage and death unleash through Hera's rage."


They travel to Quebec with a dragon that Leo tamed in the forest. They travel to Quebec to see Boreas the north wind because he gives good advice. They want to know how to save Hera. But, when they get there Boreas and her children want to freeze them. When they leave they get struck down from the sky and land in an abandoned warehouse. Piper lands on her feet and breaks her ankle. The cyclopes take Piper and Jason because they want to eat them. Leo has to use the machines in the warehouse to kill the cyclopes.

They land in a department store belonging to Medea an evil sorceress who has Coach Hedge and storm spirits in two giant canary cages. Piper pushes her into the potions and they fly away as the mixture of potions explodes.


They fly to Aeolus's Palace and get attacked by werewolves but luckily  the Hunters of Artemis save them. The Hunters help them up the mountain and across the bridge. Aeolus ends up attacking Piper, Jason, Leo, and the Coach. He pushes them into a giant pit. Piper falls asleep and wakes up in San Francisco and everyone has new clothes. They climb Mount Diablo and fight Enceladus and eventually defeat him. Piper sends her dad home on a helicopter and gives him a potion that will erase his memories of all the magical things that happened to him. They go to the Wolf House and defeat many monsters and save Hera from her cage using Piper's magical charmspeak and a very big chainsaw. They are teleported back to Camp after they are finished with their quest. Near the very end Leo shows them the magic bunker he found. Jason says that Percy Jackson the missing demigod is probably at the "Other Camp" and probably doesn't know who he is.

Something I noticed about the writing was that it was in a third person view because it never said "I" or "We". It also changed so you understood the feelings of different characters but was still in third person.

There were no illustrations except the front cover. What i noticed was that it was very detailed but didn't show much of the characters expressions.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and adventure books that aren't very serious and are kind of humorous.

This book reminded me of the first book of the first series.

I honestly don't have any connections with the book because nothing in it is like anything I've had to experience (except the mean kids in the beginning of the story and going on field trips.)

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