Radiation in Agriculture

By: Ibrahim Ahmad

There is radiation in agriculture from a process called irradiation. Irradiation is when expose food to a source of energy and strip the electrons off the food. The electrons usually have harmful bacteria with them that could lead to diseases, one being salmonella. The purpose of irradiation is to make foods safer for the consumer and it is no different than frozen foods and canned foods. It also increases the amount of time it takes for fresh foods to spoil. This is important because no one wants to waste food and food irradiation reduces the chances of you throwing away and wasting those fresh foods.

Irradiation isn't only used for fruits and veggies, it's used in all types of food. Usually it is used on poultry, spices, juices and many more. Irradiation helps keep bugs off the food and prevent it from contracting diseases and harmful bacteria.

One example of the benefits of food irradiation is miracle rice. When irradiation is used, it can help breed new types of seeds. Miracle rice is just one of the great creations from irradiation that helped Asia greatly expand their rice production.

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