Good Introductory Paragraphs

English 11 Section 1

There are many, many problems surrounding both the environment and the people within it. With problems such as deforestation, pollution, the destruction of animal habitats, and many others to combat, the environment is in need of all of the help that it can get. However, despite all of the problems that can be found, there are a lot of ways to help the environment and try to lessen the damage of those problems, too. With actions such as replanting trees, picking up litter, and eating organic foods, the environment can slowly be restored to a better state. Without a healthier environment, the world and its people will suffer some awful consequences. I would like to help our world by attempting to make it an environmentally friendly place to live in.

MR. LEIGH: Awesome!


While Math class is often regarded as many student's least favorite class, Math is an essential subject that can be useful both in and out of school. Many other subjects in school use math as a way to measure or problem solving. Math is essential for other school subjects. Science and cooking class use math for many things like measurements, ASMD, and many other things. Woodshop and art classes use math when making a sketch that needs exact measurements.

MR. LEIGH: Well-written. The first sentence is the thesis. You must first spell out an acronym before you use it (ASMD).