Alyssa Meyer


1,  When you use a screen name make sure it doesn't have any personal information like your name address or even your nickname.

2,  Don't give out personal information.

3,  Don't share your passwords.

4,  When you add friends or send a friend request make sure you know them.

5,  Don't meet people off line unless a parent says it's okay.

6,  Don't s\post everything about you and what you just did.

The reason for this is because if you share your personal info like your address you can get in to some trouble for safety reasons and because you aren't supposed to share that kind of info. If you post everything that you like and that you do people can find out a lot about you. If you share your password people can get on as you and send our put mean and nasty things that looks like you sent our posted it. When you meet off line you could get kidnapped our worse. If you accept friend request and it's people you don't know it could lead to serious consequences.  

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